Avoiding The Most Expensive Car Rental Cities

Figuring out what a decent price for a rental car is versus a complete rip-off is not nearly as easy to determine as one might initially think. Rates vary depending on which company, which city, and which day it is. Strangely enough, it is not unheard of to get four different quotes on how much it would cost to rent a car on four consecutive days. One of the things that kills car renters wallets, is not doing the research to learn what the local fees and taxes on car rentals are.

In fact, local and state taxes make up an extremely high amount of the total car rental cost. In the 100 most heavily trafficked U.S. airports, the airport itself, and demanded rent was often a problem. Such add-ons averaged nearly 26 percent of the entire cost, compared with a 14 percent average for off-airport locations. In some cities the gap between on-airport and off-airport costs is nearly unbelievable. In Dallas, for example, 61.4 percent of the total cost of renting a car at the airport came from taxes, while taxes at nearby neighborhood locations only made up 17 percent of the total. Like most taxes, these just continue to grow.

The most expensive cities in the United States to rent a car (the taxes are so high that it actually is an absurd idea for most people to even think about renting a vehicle here) are Boston, New York, and Houston. In all three cities rates can easily almost double over what was advertised. At Houston’s Intercontinental Airport, if you rent a car for two days at $50 per day, you’d expect your bill to be about $100. Once taxes and fees are added in, watch out, because you will owe a minimum of $171. Aside from the big three, some of the other worst rental rates from airports include Austin, Cleveland, Dallas/Fort Worth and New Orleans. No matter what city you are in, it is often a good idea to rent from centers away from the airport. They will always be cheaper.

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New Car Offers In India What All Can You Get

One industry which stays undisturbed even during recession is the automobile market. Rising inflation may have made it difficult for people to buy cars, but car manufacturers are determined at making cars more affordable for an average customer. Rising prices havent affected the car market in any way; in fact, car manufacturers have been consistently dropping their prices while spending a significant capital on upgrading the present variants. One reason why car prices have shown a downward trend even during peak inflation is the cut throat competition.
India is one of the most attractive markets in the world, not only for car manufacturers, but for any industry. Many car manufacturers have set up camp in the country to cash in on the economic boom which has intensified the competition in the industry. To grab a better share of the market, every car manufacturer introduces new car offers in India. The car offers give buyers added incentives for buying a particular make and model. Some of the car offers that you may find on new cars in India are:
Cash discounts: Cash discounts are given on the ex-showroom price of the car which is the price of car without taxes. Cash discounts may start from as low as Rs 5000 and may over Rs 30,000. Car dealers also offer cash discounts on cars in order to attract more customers. While cash discounts from the company are constant, additional discount given by dealers may vary from dealer to dealer.
Loyalty bonus: Loyalty bonus can be availed only when you already own a car of the same manufacturer. Loyalty bonus is much like a cash discount except that you should be an owner of a model from the same manufacturer.
Free accessories: Almost every car manufacturer give car accessories as an incentive for buying their models. Depending on the manufacturer you are dealing with, car accessories will vary from car perfumes to seat covers and MP3 players. The car accessories may also vary with the dealer you are dealing with.
Exchange bonus: In case you are selling your old car while buying a new car, you can avail an exchange bonus and get better rates for your old car. Suppose your old car is valued at Rs 80,000, the amount of the exchange bonus will add on to this value and increase the selling price of your old car.
Extended warranties: Maintenance of the car can be a very big problem. Every car buyer is happy till the time their car is under the manufacturer warranty and there are never charges of repairs. Extended warranties extend the period of the manufacturer warranty on payment of a small fee.
Scratch card: This will depend on your luck. If you are lucky enough, you may get a holiday trip or even a new car with your purchase. The scratch card scheme seldom works.
Insurance/low interest: Car manufacturers may also give free car insurance with your new car. Offering car loans at low interest rates is also a popular offer. Car manufacturers generally enter an agreement with a particular bank which than offers car loans at low interest rates to a customer who buys cars of that manufacturer.

Basic Understanding Pertaining to Body Auto Components That Aid Your Car

Not long ago a little something took place to me that reminded me of yet another aspect of the gratitude principle, and that is, getting grateful for what didn’t happened.

Final week my alternator broke down on my car or truck and it was barely in a position to limp into the fix shop in advance of it died fully. The battery light had gone on the night ahead of and I designed an appointment the future day to have it checked out. I ran a single errand previous to going to the store and when I came out the car or truck would not commence at initial, then would only go about fifteen miles an hour, and the lights, clock, and flip signals weren’t operating all the way to the restore shop. It was kind of frightening.ng.

But what was even scarier was that it didn’t transpire the day in advance of. We had just driven to Milwaukee (a seven-hour generate) and back again for Thanksgiving weekend. When I brought the automobile to the fix store, the attendant couldn’t understand why I was so content. “The alternator broke nowadays, not yesterday,” I claimed. I was so grateful for what didn’t come about—that it could have damaged for the duration of the trip.

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Advantages Of Having A Car And Driving Licence

From your personal life to your career, having a driving licence and car could be of huge benefit. Here are 10 reasons why you may want to find driving schools in your town or city.

1. Do you live with your parents? If so, you may want to take your test and get a car to gain a bit of independence for the first time.

2. Do you have small children? Taking them to school may be a stressful experience without a car. By getting your licence, the process will be much easier and less time-consuming.

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How To Change Cars In The Middle Of A Lease

The good things about car leasing is that you have the option of upgrading your car in case you feel tired or bored with the car that you are using unlike purchasing cars where you have to sell off your car or dig deep into your pocket to buy a new one.

However, you must be sure that your lease option allows you to upgrade your car since not all lease options give you this benefit. Currently car manufacturers are very innovative and release new models and versions of cars you would definitely want to have a touch of, the good thing is that you can even exchange and upgrade to a luxury car that you have only been dreaming of. It is very simple to upgrade a car in your car lease options, the only thing that you will need is a down payment or deposit for your current that you will make to your auto lease company.

These are the instructions that you will follow:

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